Central City Bed

The Central City Bed® is a durable, sustainable, contemporary, bed bug resistant furniture line highly suited for affordable housing developments, shelters and dormitories. Designed and used by a nonprofit housing provider, every feature of the patented bed frame is unfriendly to bed bugs. The furniture is constructed for long-term use and is easy to clean. 

Available nationwide, Central City Bed products are a cost effective solution to an age-old problem. Made in the USA.

Early Detection is Key!

Mar 13, 2019

Early detection is key in fighting the bed bug battle. We found that Ball State University's Environmental Health and Safety Office put together an informative bed bug fact sheet to help educate housing providers about the signs and treatment measures associated with bed bug infestations. Central City Bed products—including bed frames, mattresses and our companion products—help with early detection and are easily cleaned and reused should the bugs hitch a ride from somewhere else.

Check out BSU's bed bug fact sheet and get familiar with how to identify bed bugs!

Bed Bug Resistant Furniture – More Products to Help You Fight a Costly Problem

Feb 22, 2019

If your renter just found a bed bug nestled into his or her bed frame, you can bet they are everywhere in that room, according to Jon Bailey who, for the past six years, has handled bed bug treatment for Central City Concern, an affordable housing and service agency working to end homelessness. “You’ll find them in the end table, in the chest of drawers, tucked into the desk…. everywhere.  If you can’t afford to throw away infested furniture, you really need pieces that help you spot bed bugs early and that can be successfully treated and re-used” said Jon. 

Going Beyond Bed Frames: 10 Additional Products Added

In 2010, as it raced the clock to furnish a 176-unit affordable housing building in Portland, Oregon, Central City Concern developed a bed bug resistant bed frame.  Word quickly got out about the Central City Bed’s effectiveness and how it can be easily cleaned and put back into use after an infestation and to date, Central City Bed® has sold 2,700 bed frames across the country. 

Central City Bed has recently released the following companion furniture:

two ladder back chairs
stacking chair
standard round table
simple desk
four-drawer chest (2 sizes)
four storage wardrobes  (2 sizes) 

 “We sell a lot of bed frames,” said Sarah Porter, Program Manager, “but our customers are often furnishing an entire room and they need more. They have frequently asked us to provide additional furniture items and we are pleased to respond to their needs with these new pieces of quality furniture.” 

Bed bugs are a costly and chronic problem for many providers of furnished apartments in the United States. Most housing developers and providers develop full-scale programs to prevent and eradicate bed bugs in their buildings.  Central City Bed operates under the umbrella of Central City Concern, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has received national recognition for its innovative programs ending homelessness and helping people achieve self-sufficiency.

A List That No City Wants to Be On....

Jan 30, 2015

Orkin, known for its pest control work, has released a list of the Worst Cities for Bed Bugs with Chicago leading the pack.  Orkin has seen an 18% increase in business for the treatment of bed bugs within the last year. 

From the story: "Orkin entomologist and director of technical services, Ron Harrison, describes bed bugs as hitchhikers and very difficult to control.  'Bed bugs are a serious issue across the country... Bed bugs are not limited to any level of cleanliness or income, which means they can be found in any home or hotel. They're great hitchhikers, and people often bring them inside on their clothes or in their luggage.' "

The Central City Bed can help people spot bed bugs in the first place. Eradication is effective on our metal mesh frame, and our Central City Bed furnishings can easily be put back into use. Sold to organizations and institutions across the country, the Central City Bed can be a powerful component of your pest control plan. Contact us for more information.

News to Watch: Scientists Connect Bedbugs to Deadly Disease

Dec 29, 2014

We'll be watching this news closely. Historically, researchers have thought that bed bugs are not vectors of disease but there is new evidence that questions that belief. A recent Newsweek article potentially connects bed bugs to a deadly heart disease calle Chagas. Read the full story here.


Companion Furniture

Our customers wanted more bed bug resistant furniture! We are proud to now also provide an array of companion furniture. Many items are available in multiple colors. Ask us for a bid.

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Thanks to everyone who stopped by to learn about Central City Bed® at the 2019 ACA National Conference in Nashville, TN. If we didn't connect, get in touch with us!

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Companion Table

Companion table is bed bug resistant, made of metal and available in 180 colors. Three colors choices for the tops.

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